Friday, February 22, 2019

You've got a friend in me by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad


Daughter and dad sings beautifully

Youtube/Claire and the Crosbys

Music could be the best thing that happened in this world. Who would not ever agree to that? It is like a soothing touch that heals a soul. You don’t need many words but only music along, you will definitely touch someone’s heart. And without you knowing it, you might have melted their hearts along. You just have to give in the symphony and the melody and let everything melt along the way with it. Just like how this 5 year old pretty little girl hit the notes like pro with his dad playing the guitar along. The video clip below will definitely melt your heart as she sings a special song about friendship.

Talent can come in different sizes and different shapes. Some come in men and some in women. Everyone could possess talent and share it to the whole world. It does not matter what race or ethnicity you are in, as long as you got the guts and talent, you can show it to the world. Share it and inspire a lot of people out there. In the video shared below, a cute little girl shares her amazing talent to the whole world through YouTube. In the video, you will see her sitting in the couch with a braided hair. She looks so adorable in that one while her feet was up in the couch too, well straighten and relaxed. While her dad is beside her holding a guitar, they seemed to be having a collaboration on this one. They started introducing themselves. The cute little girl, Claire Ryann, started everything by telling the audience the song they were about to sing which was, You’ve Got a Friend in Me. And who is going to sing the song? Claire and Dad, that’s how she said it to her audience. This 5 year old Claire sat at the couch and seemed to be excited to get to sing the song with her handsome dad. She seemed to be enjoying it. Then her dad started to play the guitar with those lovely chords. It was her dad who sang first stanza and look how cute Claire is beside him. She seemed to be singing along at first by humming along. Then after her dad sing the first part, she waited for some time and asked him if who is going to sing next.

Photo 1/3 Youtube/Claire and the Crosbys

Photo 2/3 Youtube/Claire and the Crosbys

Photo 3/3 Youtube/Claire and the Crosbys

The first verse was sung by Claire’s dad while she started singing at the second verse just after her father. She definitely looks cute no matter what she does. She hits the notes perfectly. Looks at how she wiggles her feet some time to the beat of the song. She sings it to the top of her lungs and sing it with feelings too. Look at her emotions while she sings every note, and every lyric of the song. She sure knows how to play with the notes. This one talented little girl surely has a bright future with music. Now click that play button on the video clip below and hear those angelic voice of Claire Ryann and her dad.


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