Friday, February 22, 2019

Touching moment when this kid meets his dog after years being apart


Heartwarming reunion of a dog (Bogart) and its owner Lennox


It is always painful to see someone bidding goodbye especially if that someone means a lot to you. Not a day goes by that you will not think about the person and their memory with you lingers in your heart and mind all the time.

These feelings are not just limited to person to person relationship but also to our loving pets. Pets will always be a part of our family and they will always have a special place in our hearts. We also miss them when we are away. It is undeniable that they are definitely priceless to us.

Just like Lennox, an 11-year-old, young boy from Nashville, Tennessee who bear the pain of being away from his beloved pet Bogart. Bogart is actually the pet of his neighbor. But Lennox and Bogart’s relationship is like a family. The owner of Bogart regularly travels for a tour as a musician, so, when Bogart has been gone for a year, Lennox has been unhappy and sad.

Though Lennox has a Shih Tzu dog of his own named Happy, he still has this special connection with Bogart. So his mom decided to surprise Lennox upon the return of Bogart from California. Bogart usually stays with the neighbor’s mother when the owner is usually on tour.

Photo 1/5 Youtube/Ellen Tift
Photo 2/5 Youtube/Ellen Tift

The day of their awaited get-together has come once again. Ellen Goebel has led his son Lennox to the back of their neighbor’s house. Bogart has been waiting for him. At first, the dog has greeted Lennox like an ordinary visitor but when the dog recognizes him already, the dog rolls in joy and surprisingly starts whining. Lennox could not also stop himself from crying. He apparently misses his beloved dog and could not help but burst into tears. His joy and sadness have been totally mixed up.

So when they meet each other once again, it has been really emotional for the both of them. Their unconditional love for each other is definitely incomparable. Both are thrilled with pouring tears of joy.

Photo 3/5 Youtube/Ellen Tift
Photo 4/5 Youtube/Ellen Tift
Photo 5/5 Youtube/Ellen Tift

For Lennox, his love for Bogart could not be exactly defined. His love for him is immeasurable and unconditional. Bogart shows the same way too. For some people, dogs are very loyal and loving to those who treats them well. They have the full capacity to love back and even serve and protect you for the rest of their lives. That’s how great dogs are. They are loyal, loving and definitely brave.

Being apart from someone you love is really painful and sad. It is never easy to absorb all the pain every time you remember your wonderful memories together. If you could just possibly tell time to make you both always together, surely you would do it for the sake of being with someone you value the most.

Thanks to Mom, who believes that their unity once again could bring back their joy and happiness for being together again.

To watch their heartwarming reunion, watch their video below.


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