Saturday, October 12, 2019

Alden Richards napaka-approachable unlike sa sikat na magjowa na napaka aloof at ayaw makipag-selfie!

Alden Richards IG

Alden Richards is one of the most handsome man in the industry, not just physically but also from within. Hence, many people liked his personality, even public figures and famous celebrities.

Alden Richards IG

In an incident inside a plane, a family tried to approach the actor for a selfie since they are his biggest fan from the country they're in.

They were surprised that Alden undoubtedly took a selfie with them, being so humble and approachable. The family never expected it since most TV personalities they encounter were so distant and doesn't even lay a single glance at them.

The family even compared Alden to a famous young celebrity couple and love team whom they approached yet got rejected and were not successful for a single pose.

Truly, Alden has a golden heart. He is known as Pambansang Bae because of his pretty face and personality. Also, he is very professional to work with who does everything to finish the day's business, and a ball of energy who knows how to have fun and always up for anything and everything.

Alden Richards IG
The actor even asked this family where they reside in the Philippine and was happy sharing chitchatting with them.

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