Sunday, October 13, 2019

Richard Gomez on his 'd!ck' and 'vag!na' painting


IG: @lucytgomez
Today's trending on Twitter is Richar Gomez' creative yellow painting. It's title "OOOHH" made it even more interesting.

Talking about its price, 'tis way more shocking! This trending painting costs PHP 196,000.00.

IG: @lucytgomez

IG: @lucytgomez

This yellow acrylic painting is non other that Richard's marterpiece, one would see a yellow pen!s. The paingting is included in this year's ManilArt exhibition which will function until this 13th of October.

Two is better than one as they say so Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez added another sophisticated painting in a different color which can be in comparison to a woman's genital.

This pink-reddish art seems like a contrast of his yellow acrylic pen!s-like painting, a vag!na look alike.

IG: @lucytgomez
Would you buy such painting?

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