Sunday, October 13, 2019

Are Nadine Lustre's dad posting cryptic messages or is he just a deep person?

Ulysses Lustre IG

Ulysses Lustre, Nadine's dad, posts on his personal Facebook account which seems mysterious to his and Nadine's followers. They were posted publicly so anybody and anywhere in social media can the posts be seen.

Fans were worried that it might mean something literally and involves her daughter Nadine directly, this has been the talk of the town.

Here are some description of the posts:

"Relationships bourne not only love but of respect, support, commitment and family is like a shanty built on rock.
The elements of disaster can't break it," posted yesterday at 3:11 AM.

Ulysses Lustre IG

"Precious metals and stones undergo grinding and forging by fire to attain perfect brilliance and luster. Strength and resilience are the characters that make it precious.
lustre. noun. UK (US luster) uk ​ /ˈlʌs.tə r/ us ​ /ˈlʌs.tɚ/ [ S or U ] the brightness that a shiny surface has," another post at 3:37 AM yesterday.

Ulysses Lustre IG

 "Hardwork and talent does not always guarantee success in the entertainment biz. You also have to be a good marionette.
Sad but true," posted on the same day at 3:53 AM.

Ulysses Lustre IG

"My posts are intended to inspire and empower. I make it public so I can share it to others, than my friends.
I pity the ignorants who take them literally. These posts are for the thinking ones.
And for those who use it to bash and destroy ( eeney_meeney, perriwinkle.fave, jamesamoytae ) I'm happy for you for having a wonderful and blessed life. I hope you multiply so the world will be at peace.
May God bless us all," posted 19 hrs ago.

Ulysses Lustre IG

And his most recent post was a screenshot of Facebook's status box with 'What's on your mind?' as what we see on everybody's account yet the post was deleted.

"Facebook says, "What's on your mind?". I guess it means that I'm entitled to rant, once in a while.
Here it goes ;
I'm Flop and you're High Gross, what are you afraid of. You feel so threatened, you're desperate to break US apart.
I hope someday you get what you deserve. What comes around, goes around."

Anybody can say that Nadine's dad is a highly intellectual and deep when in comes to English comprehension. He explained concisely that his posts are for the 'thinking ones' and not just for anybody who misunderstand and gives intriguing meaning to it than might or can break a person.

Some posts on his Facebook profile also contains great support of her daughter's career and one can see how proud of a dad he is.

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