Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sue Ramirez followed by Justine Beiber on Twitter; turned out na poser pala ni Sue may-ari ng account

Justin and Sue IG

It was last October 9, when a Twitter account @sueanndoodles posted a surprising tweet that the famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber followed the account. Proofs were everywhere, a screenshot of Justin's following and a screenshot of @sueanndoodles reacting to being followed by the Canadian singer.

"Justin Bieber follows me? Is this real?"

There was a tight twist here when Sue Ramirez found out about it and revealed the truth.

Sue clarified that she doesn't own the @sueanndoodles Twitter account and that it is a poser account, a fake one. She also claimed that she's been trying to take the account down but was not successful.

"Hahaha! Poser ko yun. Tagal ko na gusto ipa-down yung account, pero wala, e."

Upon checking, Sue Ramirez' real Twitter account has fewer follows than the poser one. Her real account barely has 352.6k followers while the poser has 876.9k followers.

Funny as it seems but the fake one reaped way much of Sue's followers than her real account @sueanaa_dodd which was clarified and explained by the actress/singer.

The fake account has even followed by other celebrities. Let's help Sue by reporting this poser.

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