Saturday, October 5, 2019

Depression strikes Ice Seguerra and bravely conquered it

Ice Seguerra IG

In the singer/composer's social media account a post about depression got her followers' attention. A photo entitled 'What Depression Looks Like' is carefully explained, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Along with the photo comes lengthy caption where she admits going through depression and anxiety starting early 2000. The singer did some therapy but was inconsistent in her doctor's appointment, also stopped taking medication.

All those years she endured and disregarded what's inside while faking it outside. Until she was losing it after involving again in the industry which she thought she knew. Thus, precious things in her life were affected, she felt numb.

It was then when she decided to seek medical help and went back to her doctor which resulted fruitfully, at the same time getting back on track with her loved ones' full support.

Numerous people goes through depression and if we are weak, we get carried away. But if we respond the other way, we will always find our way.
Ice Seguerra IG

Ice Seguerra


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