Saturday, October 5, 2019

John Lloyd Cruz Cries Foul Over Using His One Scene to Highlight 'Culion'

Screenshot from the movie trailer 'Culion'
People were expecting a big role of John Lloyd in his appearance to the film Culion where its trailer ended with the actor's emotional state. JL's fans were very expectant about it being his comeback movie after a couple of years since his last project with Asia's Queen of Pop, Sarah Geronimo.

It was then that Cruz felt the urge to explain and clarify the matter before the movie launching.

"I thought including me in the teaser was preemptive. It was the opposite of what I actually requested and agreed on," stated the actor in a message to ANCX.

John Lloyd didn't want the audiences to get disappointed and clarified that his occurrence in the film is just a cameo. He will only appear once. Viewers reacted that the teaser is misleading and got them into the wrong idea since JL supporters are still waiting for the actor to spice up and revive his acting career again just like the old times where his movies were box office hits.

“But as much as I am drawn to the idea of letting my work, of any kind, have its own life and take its own course in terms of output, I am also wary of misleading an audience," added John Lloyd. "That wouldn’t be fair. Hence, I felt compelled to clarify my participation in the film.”
A scene from the movie trailer 'Culion' 1/6

A scene from the movie trailer 'Culion' 2/6

A scene from the movie trailer 'Culion' 3/6

A scene from the movie trailer 'Culion' 4/6

A scene from the movie trailer 'Culion' 5/6

A scene from the movie trailer 'Culion' 6/6


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