Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Gretchen Barretto accused of stealing niece Nicole Baretto's boyfriend

 Gretchen Barretto accused of stealing niece Nicole Baretto's boyfriend

The latest Baretto family feud buzzez Nicole Barreto's name when she accidentally lunged on her aunt Gretchen during the wake of Miguel Alvir Barretto, the patricach of Barretto family.

It was then when people got curious who this girl is. She is the daughter of JJ Barreto, Marjorie, Gretchen, and Claudine's brother.

Nicole claimed her aunt Gretchen of stealing Atong Ang from her in Instagram's direct message conversation that was shared on social media.

"I just want to inform you that I wasn't thrown to the States. I was there to move on from what Gretchen and Atong did to me. I'm stating the fact that my own aunt stole my boyfriend. The next travels to the States was for my education. Since I do have an education and finished a doctorate. Just so you know. Thank you po."

Nicole also stated that she did not attacked Gretchen but protected Marjorie from her and Gretchen's grabbing of her caused her to almost fell to the floor that might lead to her skull being broken. Yet her aunt responded stating she wanted to hurt her (Gretchen) and not to protect Marjorie. Gretchen also added on the same post that Nicole just gave birth and has a boyfriend yet ran after client Atong whom she claimed as her boyfriend.

Who else will add fuel to this war? Who's next?


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