Monday, October 21, 2019

Gretchen Barretto tagged father of Julia thinking of her as 'mabait' if she was raised by him

Julia, Gretchen and Marjorie

The Barretto family feud has been known almost globally by Filipino netizens since this war started quite a while already.

From Gretchen to elder sister Marjorie to niece Julia. Netizens' reactions were the same, that it should have been better if Julia did not meddle with the sisters' long time argument. 

In Gretchen's Instagram story, she tagged Dennis Padilla, father of Julia, and said in the story that it's time for Julia to change from Barretto to Baldivia, as his father's real surname is Dennis Esteban Dominguez Baldivia.

Various reactions can be read by viewers,

"Siguro nga hindi masyadong nega ang image ni Julia if she used Baldivia as her screen name. The Barretto name will always be associated with crassness and vulgarity. Sosyal din naman pakinggan ang Baldivia."

"Mas magkaka appeal nga sya sa masa, I think. Maybe Padilla would be better, since un naman ginamit na screen name ni Dennis."

"I think Gretchen might actually be right."

"Gretchen wouldn't be doing all this unless Julia had done something to earn her ire. Notice that Greta only ever retaliates. So whatever you and your mom did Juls, you're paying it for it now."

"May point si Greta baka nga mas mababang loob at less kaartehan yang si Julia if kay Dennis lumaki. Pero syempre I think her point is hindi man lang marunong mag acknowledge si Julia sa kanya. Although wala naman siguro syang pake sa mga tinulong nya- kasi madami naman syang pera. Yun lang acknowledgement, kahit papano naman kasi talagang malaki natulong ni Greta sa kanila. Sana din namagitan nalang si Julia between Marj and Gretch hindi yung gagatong pa sya kay Marj. Hope in Gods time magka ayos ayos kayo."

Claudine Barretto was also at war with Gretchen in the past but two managed to restore the relationship and are now both happy to be back in each other's arms.

What do you think? What if she really was raised by her father? How and what should Julia  Barretto be doing now?


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