Saturday, October 26, 2019

Gretchen's daughter Dominique responded to a netizen that says she's not on her grandpa's wake.

Dominique IG

While the Barretto sisters remain in their feud, daughter of Marjorie, Julia Barreto, was also dragged into this after expressing support with her mother.

Julia Barretto IG

On the contrary, Gretchen Barretto's daughter Dominuque Cojuanco kept her calm until a netizen mentioned her in a comment about her absence in her grandfather's wake.

Dominique IG

Dominique IG

Dominique was triggered yet addressed this in a very calm and safest way which was idolized by many.

Her simply yet classy reply knocks it off. It is such a good gesture not dragging herself into this scandal and not involving nor showing sides to either of her family member.

Dominique is Gretchen Barretto and Tony Boy Cojuangco's daughter who chose to live outside the Philippines and diligently working on her own sweat for her living in spite of  her family's wealth.

Grieving alone is the most painful sorrow there is.


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