Saturday, October 26, 2019

Gretchen Barreto reproaches and made memes out of Marjorie's interview; replied to allegations point by point

Gretchen and Marjorie Barretto

Gretchen has been consistently responding to the issues about her in a quiet way, through her Instagram stories. We may not see Gretchen around after the incident of their father's wake, yet she's been eyeing on  every catchy comments and statements on the internet that's involving her falsely.

Gretchen Barretto IG

During Marjorie Barretto's interview, Gretchen has been videograbbing her sister's random gestures on TV and turning them into memes which arouses the attention of the netizens.

Gretchen Barretto IG

Gretchen Barretto IG

The photos looked teasing and at that, a vampire sticker.

The memes which includes Marjorie's face with stickers on it has been shared in every social media.

One of her Instagram posts was captioned "possessed" and "Hindi ka ba napapagod Marjorie hahaha".
Gretchen Barretto IG

The netizens keeps on praising Gretchen for responding with the issues instantly and is being compared to Marjorie's side who responds later.

Gretchen also mocked Marjorie's claim that she was the one who had nervous breakdown at the wake.

She posted Marjorie's photo grabbed from the interview with caption,

"Oo ate , oo ate , ikaw na ang kalmado. Ikaw na ang mabuting anak . Ikaw na nga lahat im longing for the peace you radiate, ate marjorie baldivia itchy -very goooood."

Gretchen Barretto IG

Who's also waiting for Gretchen Barretto to be interviewed and wait for another fire out?

Another post from Gretchen's Instagram account was when she explained why her presence was nowhere to be seen in the hospital while his father was still breathing his last.

Gretchen Barretto IG

This deleted post also warns her sister Marjorie that Atong Ang has contacted the press to hear his side of the story and unfold the truth and exposing her true colors.

Gretchen Barretto IG

Gretchen is very grateful in another post how she and her mother reconciled and got to hear the most precious words she thought she will never hear again, a dream come true for her.

Gretchen Barretto IG

As mentioned in the last part, she pointed out Marjorie again for accusing her of being in a 'hysterical state' wherein she was very emotional by that time.

We are happy for you being reconciled with your mother, Gretchen!

Truly humility comes with honor.


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