Sunday, October 13, 2019

Melissa Ricks replied to a basher calling her fat

Melissa Ricks IG

Melissa Ricks starred in ABS-CBN's fantaserye  'Komiks Presents: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko' aired in the year 2006-2007 which gave the actress greatest break in her acting career.
Another hit was when she portrayed Elisa in 'Nasaan ka Elisa?' in the year 2009. There were also plenty of films where Ricks can be seen. Right now, Melissa joined YouTubers and has her personal channel for vlogging.

Melissa Ricks IG

In the actress' Instagram post, user @nanay4144 commented harshly questioning her physical appearance calling her fat.

“Ani ngyari sayo? Ang taba mo na. Ang laki ng braso mo girl mukha ka ng tita. Ilan na ba anak mo at ganyan na ung katawan mo.”

Melissa replied in a calm way.

"hi! if mukha akong tita is that a problem? Ilan anak ko? isa, how about you? Ilan anak mo, hopefully wala pa, dahil u have no respect, and no manners..because u are a bad example. im just thankfil I dont have your attitude."

Melissa Ricks IG

Melissa Ricks IG

Melissa Ricks IG

Melissa even posted on her IG story with a screenshot of her basher's comment and wrote "Pinabyaan ang sarili? Cam some explain to me why this is the way of thinking when someone gains weight?"

Melissa Ricks IG

The actress also advised,

“Mom shaming is not OK. Kesa ganyan ang attitude mo towards other women, sana mas nagiging positive at encouraging ka towards others. “Looks fade but who u are, will always be there."

In her previous post with a man, the same user also commented and warned the actress to be careful that she might become single mom again, and Ricks proudly replied that she is single mom and she's proud of it.

Melissa Ricks IG

Does this person hides personal motives on bashing Melissa?

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