Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Mapagmahal na Lola Tinahi ang Sinuot na Gown ng Kanyang Apo sa Prom

Courtesy of Arianne Marie Contreras via Philippines Star

Ipinost ito ng Philippines Star sa kanilang Facebook page at may caption na:

A 72-year-old grandma from Masbate City handsewn a Gigi Hadid-inspired dress hours before the prom of her granddaughter.

Grade 10 student Arianne Marie Contreras of Masbate National Comprehensive High School asked her grandma Jovita Ortega Baldeo if she could customize a dress for her prom night.
Unfortunately, her grandmother’s sewing machine got broken. But because Lola Jovita is a skilled seamstress, she decided to stitch her granddaughter’s dress by hand.

“Since the machine was broke, she asked me to buy the zippers and threads because she had no money. She had no income. Sewing is her source of income. We had no choice but to hand sew it. She made me help in some little details until we finished it,” she said.
Lola Jovita made two dresses for Arianne’s prom night. The other one, which was also made of silk cloth, was handmade a day before the prom.

Arianne said she is grateful for her lola who took care of her since she was a baby.
“I feel special and blessed for having a lola like her,” Arianne said.
Lola Jovita also helped her in doing her hair and makeup, she added.
In a message to The Philippine STAR, Arianne shared that she did not expect that her story would go viral. She just wanted her friends to see the “behind the scenes” of her lola’s masterpiece.
As of writing, the tweet has already garnered more than 10,000 retweets and 70,000 favorites. (Photos courtesy of Arianne Marie Contreras)

Courtesy of Arianne Marie Contreras via Philippines Star

Courtesy of Arianne Marie Contreras via Philippines Star

Courtesy of Arianne Marie Contreras via Philippines Star


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