Thursday, June 18, 2020

Daryl Ong Nagsalita sa Pamamagitan ng Vlog Kung Bakit Na-Ban sa ABS-CBN

Daryl Ong YT Channel

Sa pamamagitan ng vlog sa YT channel mismo ni Daryl Ong kanyang kinuwento ang buong pangyayari kung bakit ban at wala na sa Kapamilya o ABS-CBN network si Daryl Ong at Bugoy Drilon. Para masmaitindihan, mainam na panoorin ang video. 

Ito naman ang say ng mga netizens:
  • Are you under contract with ABS? If yes, that's unjust and illegal termination. There should be proper investigation before ka iterminate. Aside from illegal recording, pwede sila idemanda sa breach of contact if there's one.
  • Kudos to you Daryll! However, karma really bites hard! Imagine you were not given by them to explain yourself.  While ABS CBN got shutdown for more than a month now. Hope this is used in Congress as a proof of how ill treat their people.  God bless Daryl and Bugoy dont worry this is an opportunity given to you
  • I almost gave up watching coz of the lengthy thank you message but I'm glad I finished it. I saw that episode where you three were the guests for bawal judgmental show. I didn't even question why you were there coz I know (and admire budakel) as singers, and not labeling you of what network you came from. They're just platforms anyway. They wouldn't be there if not for the talents like you people. Letting you go was their lost and now they indeed lose everything. (maybe because of the injustice they did to you.) Both stories are two sides of the same coin. You all will be fine, I'm sure, with God's grace, even if you only continue to appear through online streaming. It's what the trend now, after all. Bawal lumabas nga eh. Har3x Who owns wish bus, by the way, it's where I only watch you guys. neway, keep up and good luck!

  • Don’t worry Daryl,  It was meant to be. Di ka pwedeng sisihin sa corruption na ginawa ng abs-cbn owners or bosses. Marami din mga artist/staffs ng abs-cbn ang walang alam sa kanilang katarantaduhan. Anyway ang ginawa nila sa’yo ay isa lng yan sa mga injustices na ginagawa nila sa kanilang mga staffs noon. In return the abs-cbn management/owners should face the consequences of their actions, right? Mas masahol pa nga ang ginawa nilang tax evasions at mga labor law violations eh. Pinapakita lng ng abs-cbn na high and mighty sila na di pwede ipatumba(kupal).Sino ngayon ang napahiya. E di nakalkal ngayon ang baho nila. Cheer up. I am one of your many supporters. God Bless you and  protect BuDaKhel. ♥️♥️♥️
  • I feel pained after hearing this, idol! 😭 pero tama naman talaga God has a reason why, siguro let's wait for his plans and for sure that they are bigger than what we desire. Trust his process nlg po muna. Still here to support you all the way. Godspeed kuya Daryl! ❤️
  • I feel bad for you. Freedom of expression ang pinaglalaban ng Kapamilya network pero yung narinig nila sayo walang further explanations. Pero alam ko na magiging successful parin naman ang career mo kung saan ka mang network makakarating. 🥰
  • "Everyone makes mistakes in life. But that doesn't mean they have to pay for it the rest of their life."   Tao lang. We're all just humans, prone to make mistakes. I don't think that you're banned for life to work at abs-cbn. They knew that you're one of the good and exceptional singers of today, or else, they would not have entrusted you with many projects before. Move on and hope for the best. Good luck on your career!


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