Monday, October 19, 2020

Ama ni Kween LC Binalikan ang Masasayang Araw nila sa Dubai

Jun Khalid Cadena YT

It has been a month now since Kween Lloyd Cafe Cadena’s passing. It is inevitable that the people who are dear to him will miss and long for his presence. His family are the ones who are very much affected in losing the joy of their family, the one who brightens every corner of their home. 

Jun Khalid Cadena, Kween Lloyd’s father is reminiscing the past happenings in their lives when his whole family went to Dubai for a vacation. He wanted to look back on the days when Lloyd was still with them, those moments where never ending laughs was so alive and so much brighter. 

Jun Khalid Cadena YT

Jun Khalid Cadena YT

The sadness in a father’s eyes is very obvious in mister Jun’s face. How he dearly missed his son. Kween Lloyd was so lively in his vlog, the one he was watching, remembering a son he just lost. 

“Yun ang mga masasayang araw namin magkasama kaming lahat magka pamilya sa Dubai, hindi na maibabalik muli. 

“Lungkot nang nangyari sa amin.”

“Nabablangko talaga ako. Wala, zero knowledge ako sa pag ba-vlog ngayon...”

“Wala nang saysay...”

These words from sir Jun is so sad. He is still in despair and mourning. 

Take courage po sir Jun, everything happens for a reason. We will one day be reunited with our loved ones once again.

Say naman ng netizens:

I’m sure LC would still want you to continue what you’re normally doing if he was alive today. So, don’t despair and what you feel right is part and parcel of a normal grieving process. And when you get to that point that there’s acceptance of what happened to Lloyd Cafe Cadena then your whole is back to it’s normalcy. 

"Losing someone you love is a huge test of faith. That’s the reality of this life. How you pick yourself up and carry on shows how much you understand the Almighty’s plan. May He help us cope with our loss and reunite us with our loved ones in Paradise." - Mufti Menk 
As long as you have Allah, you have no reason to lose hope or give up. Trust in everything of Allah's plan for you, tatay. Sabar and Syukur.

Be strong lang po Tay, in time, maghihilom din po yang sakit na narardaman niyo sa pagkawala ni Kween LC,huwag niyo po pabayaan sarili niyo jan Tay, kasi malayo po kayo sa pamilya niyo po ..dont stop on vlogging Tay,andito lang po kami na nakasupporta sa inyo,no skip adds po ako since nagsubscribe ako sa channel niyo po ng sa ganyang paraan makatulong po ako sa inyo,at  ayaw din ni Kween LC na maging malungkot kayo, sobrang mahal na mahal po kayo non... Stay safe always Tatay🥰🥰🥰

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