Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Who’s Who Challenge ng Garcia Siblings Kinaaliwan


 Get to know the Garcia siblings with the Who’s Who challenge!

Garcia Family YT

It’s very seldom that we see the Garcia siblings altogether knowing they’ve been busy with their individual lives as married ones yet in Patrick Garcia’s YouTube vlog, they were reunited and having fun while doing the Who’s Who challenge. That includes Mommy Celeste who is still so young looking and a beauty. 

Garcia Family YT

Garcia Family YT

The vlog started by introducing themselves, and it’s my first time knowing the eldest Pichon who also have similar looks with Patrick and Cheska. 

The challenge is so that Garcia fans will get to know more about Garcia sibs! So Mommy Celeste will wet whoever with the three as her answer to any questions being ask by the in-laws, the siblings’ better halves. 

Questions were pouring in and out, surprising ones, which were being asked as if they’re in a suspect’s seat waiting for their verdict. Haha! 

Garcia Family YT

The family had so much fun doing the challenge and Mommy Celeste is being so fair in answering questions to avoid favoritism and not being biased. 

This vlog is uploaded to Patrick Garcia’s family vlog on YouTube. 

Are you guys also happy seeing them reunited and up for some game and fun? 

The in-laws are not safe with this challenge as they are to sit next on the hot seat!


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