Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mama ni Lloyd Cadena Napaiyak Nang Makitang Namulaklak ang Itinanim ni Lloyd


Mother Kween tearing up upon seeing Kween LC’s plant blooming with flower

Mother Kween Vlogs

Mother Kween was happily sharing the updates of their new home in her vlog yesterday. The details of the house’s gate, windows, and even doors were being shown. She’s planning to install screens on it since flying insects are everywhere. 

While showing the plants who were grew by Lloyd, Mother Kween suddenly became emotional when flowers has sprouted, pink ones. 

Mother Kween Vlogs

Mother Kween Vlogs

Her lively voice instantly turned a sobbing sound yet still trying to manage it and finish what she was saying. 

“Ito yung halaman na tinanim, namumulaklak na. Tanim pa ito ni Lloyd kaya inaalagaan ko.”

A mother’s mourning will always be there but we can see that Mother Kween is really trying to overcome it and still doing her best to entertain her followers. 

Mother Kween Vlogs

Mother Kween Vlogs

Mother Kween Vlogs

She also mentioned that they are doing every details of the house in accordance to Kween Lloyd’s plan. 

Mother Kween’s humor is so alike Kween LC. She is also born a comedian without even trying. 

Don’t give up on life Mother Kween! You are on the right tract. Don’t lose hope, for one day, we will all meet again with the ones that we lost, in heaven.


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