Thursday, October 22, 2020

Viral ang Bagong Kasal Dahil sa “Baha ka lang, Nagmamahalan Kami!” Na Caption Post Nila


 Baha ka lang, nagmamahalan kami! 

Baitima Pinto II FB

Ber-months has started last month and undeniably the weather is mostly rainy, if not typhoon, then flood is always around the corner. 

One post on social media caught netizen’s attention when a bride and groom was being carried by men to avoid walking on flooded village while on their wedding suits. 

While the groom was being supported by four strong men with umbrella on each side, the bride was also being escorted by men as she was sitting on a long bench and being transported to where the wedding venue might be.

Baitima Pinto II FB

Baitima Pinto II FB

As one song line goes, 

“Love lift us up where we belong”, so as this couple who brought life to it. They are literally being lifted in the name of love. How lovely!

Baitima Pinto II FB

Baitima Pinto II FB

The wedding is certainly a Muslim wedding, it took place at North Cotabato. 

Happy faces of the people around them clearly shows support and unity, young and old. 

No pandemic can hinder love between two hearts. 

Congratulations on your wedding!


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