Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Jillian Ward Ibinahagi sa Pamamagitan ng Vlog ang Unang Shoot ng PrimaDonnas sa Gitna ng Pandemya


 Watch how Jillian Ward interacts and connects with her mates on taping of PrimaDonnas

Jiliian Ward YT

Beautiful miss Jillian Ward shared PrimaDonnas lock-in taping thru her YouTube vlog wherein they’re not being able to go home for a day but stayed in the area when taping takes place. 

The actress shows how passionate she is for the job she loves, not only that, her treatment to the whole staff is incredible! She just interacts with every crew as her friends off cam. This is just a good example of humility. 

Jiliian Ward YT

Jiliian Ward YT

From cameraman to assistant director to her make to artist, and even to direk Aya, Jill interacts and connects with them fairly and kindly. What a beautiful heart miss Jillian has, beautiful in and out. 

On the other hand, it is very powerful to see how everybody joins the praise and worship, and even pray, right before their workload starts. We seldom see a company like this, where an individual grows not just in talent but also in character. 

She mentioned how everybody worked so hard for PrimaDonnas compared to the days way back when the pandemic didn’t affect everyone’s daily routine. 

Jiliian Ward YT

Jiliian Ward YT

Jiliian Ward YT

“Sana po manood po kayo dahil todo todo effort po lalo compared po nung di pa po kami nag lalock-in taping.”

Since it’s lock-in taping, her relationship towards her work mates deepened. 

In spite of the heavy work load, social distancing was being followed, so as wearing face shield and face mask. 

Jillian is just si irresistibly cute and pure. Her innocence is like a sweet aroma to the people around her. We love you Jillian!


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