Saturday, November 28, 2020

Bata nag-viral sa Kagustuhang Mapalitan ang Kanyang Mahabang Pangalan

Ray Jay Valdez FB

A video of a 5 year old boy is now viral online where netizens found amusing and funny. 

It was posted by the father Ray Jay Valdez online via Facebook which instantly is trending. 

The little boy was crying hatefully for having the name Drayven Thomas Valdez and wanted it as short as Boy Valdez. 

According to Drayven Thomas he’s having hard time writing his name because it is too long to write. Although he is very familiar and has memorized the complete spelling of his name, still he wanted it as short as three letters. 

Ray Jay Valdez FB

Ray Jay Valdez FB

This conversion can be heard playing the video:

Nanay: Ano nalang ang pangalan mo?

Drayven : Gusto ko Boy Valdez. (While cryings hysterically)

Nanay: Boy Valdez nalang? 

Drayven: Mas madali na isulat ang Boy, tapos Valdez, o madali lang yun. 

The boy was asked to spell out his name and viola, he did it perfectly! Yet it was totally different when writing it according to him. 

“Ang dami naman nang pangalan ko,” stated Grayven while still crying poorly. 

Drayven only stopped crying when her parents told him to get his name changed at the City Hall. 

“Basta ipangako mo kasama siya sa City Hall para palitan pangalan niya eh.”

Hahahah! Oh boy!

His dad mentioned it might be because Drayven was already tired because prior to that, he has written the numbers 1 to 100. 

“Earlier that day, meron siyang tutorial session. Both parents are working kaya po kami kumuha ng tutor. After that, nag-online class naman po si Drayven,” said daddy Ray Jay. 

Ray Jay also reminded the viewers that the video is posted only to bring happiness and not to harm the child. 


DRAYVEN THOMAS D. VALDEZ full name niya. Gusto niya maging BOY D. VALDEZ 🤣😅


5yrs old lang po siya 😁 Mukha lang 7yrs old 🤣🤣


This video was not posted to harm the child in any way. DO NOT make a big deal out of it. PLEASE and THANK YOU!”

This is the caption shared by the father online via Facebook. 

There were many comments from the netizens who was also shared by the father whom he mentioned misleading due to an article wherein his name was spelled wrongfully. Instead of Drayven, it was changed ti Grayven. Oopps, careful writers!

Don’t worry boy! One day you’ll be thankful kasi di ka mahi-hit sa NBI. Haha.


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