Friday, November 27, 2020

Donita Nose Sinorpresa na Naman si Super Tekla may mga Gamit na ang Condo

Donekla YT Channel

It was well known to the netizens what Super Tekla has gone through just recently when his live-in partner Michelle reported him to Raffy Tulfo In Action with unjust allegations. Then it turned out that justice favored Super Tekla in a way that he deserves. Congrats Super Tekla!

We have also witnessed how his tandem Donita Nose lend a hand when Super Tekla was in times of need. That was when the netizens noticed and admired Donita Nose for helping out the comedian Super Tekla. 

Netizens admired both that in a snap, their YouTube channel grew so much. From almost 400k subscribers to 1 million!

And now, 2.37M subscribers!!! Wooow! Congratulations to Donekla in Tandem! Such a perfect pair!

Recently, when a vlog was uploaded on their channel how Super Tekla’s place turned out after tidying things up with the help of Donita, it became empty. That was when most of Tekla’s things were thrown out due to its situation that you can neither use nor give benefit. 

After all the clean up, it was like an empty space. So a vlogger who’s channel is Jhei Alliana Vlog lend a hand and helped Super Tekla by providing necessary things for his condo. 

Donekla YT Channel

Donekla YT Channel

Donekla YT Channel

The things were bought by Jhei Alliana Vlog people accompanied by Donita Nose at the shopping store or mall. Things that were bought for Tekla were bed which includes pillows and comforter, table and chairs for dining area, and a sofa which can be extended, there was also a lamp to complete Tekla’s room ambiance. 

Super Teklas was not with them during shopping since it was a surprise for him. Bless the hearts of those people who helped. 

Donekla YT Channel

Donekla YT Channel

Donita also mentioned that there were many people messaging them who would like to help Super Tekla yet they couldn’t accommodate everyone at the same time. Hmm who’s excited for another surprise for Tekla’s condo?

On the other hand, Super Tekla was overwhelmed by the help sent to him and couldn’t express his gratefulness through words. 

They were promoting the Jhei Alliana Vlog in return and said these people have been helping out a lot and giving away tablets for kids who needs it for their online classes. Big thanks to this vloggers. 

Super Tekla deserve all the love netizens are pouring out to him. And of course Donita, who has been there for Tekla ever since. 

Hmm I guess Donita Nose deserves to be treated with surprises too!


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