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1.3M Kapalit sa mga Litrato ni Ate Girl? Kano hindi Napigilang Magreklamo sa Tulfo!


     Photo: Raffy Tulfo in Action YT

Online dating sites is very common in the Philippines such as OKC, Filipino cupid, Omegle  and the lists goes on! And through these dating sites, many people matched and interconnected from all over the world and luckily found their true love and soul mates all thanks to these mobile applications and websites.

Dating from one of these mediums could be perilous at times because these dating apps have been exploited by scammers with ill-motives, hiding behind the screen using different names of Filipina women and asking for money from random western men in exchange for God-knows-what!

Just like what happened to Mr. Stanley Ryan Long all the way from California, USA.

                                                        Photo: Raffy Tulfo in Action YT

Here are the details

According to the report from Raffy Tulfo, Mr. Long has been dating a Filipina named Evangline Anorta from for over 3 months now, and in that matter of time, he claimed that the alleged filipina has already received a total of 1.3 Million pesos from him! 

                                                        Photo: Raffy Tulfo in Action YT

Mr. Long was really interested in this Evangline Anorta because of the pictures she has been sending him and the way she presents herself online. The only means of communication they had was through EMAILS!

Although the two never met in person nor talked through the phone verbally, Mr. Long was easy to put his guard down and fully trust this Evangline Anorta by sending her cash gradually through money transfers supposedly for the matter of her “Travel Visa Expenses”.

                                                        Photo: Raffy Tulfo in Action YT

Now, Mr. Long who is head over heels to the beautiful filipina Evangeline Anorta, thinking they would probably meet after the Travel Visa process, went along with what she demanded and didn’t even gave the situation a second thought.

Unfortunately, after several money transactions, Mr. Long discovered that the Evangeline Anorta he thought he knew, never existed at all! And behind all of this absurd swindle, was a filipino guy named Reil Ian Poncardas.

Photo: Raffy Tulfo in Action YT

Basically, Mr. Long, after finding out that this whole online dating thing was a fraud, went to Raffy Tulfo, a famous Filipino broadcast journalist, columnist, radio presenter and television personality whose work focuses on government and private sector issues and asked for help in getting his money back and probably justice for all the time he has wasted and feelings he invested to the non-existent Evangeline Anorta.

Eventually, Mr. Long and Mr. Poncardas was invited to the show “Raffy Tulfo in action” to settle the situation.

Photo: Raffy Tulfo in Action YT

Mr. Poncardas, the alleged confidence man, explained that the money he got from Mr. Long all went to his sick father’s medication. But Sir Raffy didn’t buy his statements and later on Mr. Poncardas admitted that he spent the money for the construction his house.

                                                        Photo: Raffy Tulfo in Action YT

After several questions from Raffy Tulfo, the two, Mr. Poncardas and Mr. Long came to an agreement.

Mr Poncardas is to pay Mr. Long half of the amount he have received so that Raffy Tulfo wont go on and file a lawsuit on him and he could probably go to jail.



The expense of online dating could be traumatic and what happened to Mr. Stanley Long would forever be a reminder to him about the dangers and risk of online dating.

Netizens showed love to Mr. Long for being so calm and kind amidst the situation. Some even wished him a true love!






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