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Sino-sino nga ba ang mga Lalaki sa Buhay ni Noemi “Mahal” Tesorero? Alamin!


Noemi Tesorero, or famously known in the Philippine entertainment world as “Mahal”, is an ACTRESS, COMEDIAN AND VLOGGER who lived with dwarfism and stood three feet tall and is famous for humble humor and giggly personality.

But who were the guys who brought color to her world? Let’s find out!

2007, Mahal was invited as a guest in radio show by Dj mow twister, where the host asked intimate questions about her love life that made the comedian uncomfortable.


 Photo: IMDb “Mo Twister”

 In the TV show, the Actress stated that she's into tall guys and she mentioned a name "Ryan" which people believed to be one of her previous lover. A picture of “Ryan” was shown: a tall guy with incredibly astonishing body built. The host was appalled and commented that Mahal was lucky to be the guy's girlfriend.

2020 when a tiktok video of Mahal and a guy named Jess Dabalos went viral, Mahal's love life was again opened up to the public. Netizens were eager to know the relationship between the two. Jess is a guy who is tall with a beautiful body frame. Amid the speculations, there was no confirmation from Mahal nor Jess if their relationship is on a romantic level.

Photo: Philippine newspaper 

Last 2017, in the official twitter account of Ethel Booba she posted a photo of Mahal and a guy with the caption “Mga bakla mag-impake na kayo may nanalo na sa tirador ng twink. Charot!”

The guy was later identified as Sam Jacinto. Different comments and reactions from the people questioned the intention of Sam to Mahal, however, the relationship was then again, not confirmed by the actress.



Aries Navarro, an aspiring actor and events director first met Mahal way back 2004 but it was 2012 when Navarro and Mahal became officially friends which then, after a year, transitioned to romantic relationship. 

Navarro quoted that he was happy together with the comedian actress and how she became his “Stress reliever” though not long enough when the two decided to call it off.

November 2, 2015, just months after the breakup Mahal and her former boyfriend Aries Navarro, Mahal got married to a non-showbiz boyfriend; Jobbie Hebrio, a butcher/ merchandiser in a supermarket. But just like the past relationships of Mahal, the marriage didn’t last long and they too separated.

During an interview of Mahal, she insisted not to talk about her ex-husband and assured that their separation was legally taken care of.

​​​​​     Photo: Pinterest.Ph


Actor and singer Jimboy Salazar was one of Mahal's “rumored” ex-boyfriend. After a year of being together, a sex scandal of the couple was leaked. Yet, Mahal denies having a romantic relationship with the singer actor. Jimboy later on confessed to the public that he is homosexual.

Jimboy was sick with pneumonia and shortly passed away on 24th of july 2015 at the age of 42.

​​​​​Photo: Poplular manila

Mygz Molina, a model and indie film actor was the most recent rumored boyfriend of Mahal. Year 2010 when the two first met and 2012 when they acted together on an indie film that Migz produced. However, the communication was cut off when Mahal was married.

Photo: Showbiz Philippines YT

Christmas of 2018, a photo of them together was uploaded on social media. Among all of the Mahal's lovers, netizens liked Migz most because his sincerity and care towards the comedian can be felt watching them together from their tiktok videos and vlogs.

Netizens said that what the two have is more than friendship, but again, there was no confirmation if the two really dated.

The Comedian actress passed away August 31,2021.




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