Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Jake Ejercito lost to Bea Alonzo on titigan challenge

Jake Ejercito and Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo just celebrated her 32nd birthday last October 13 with a bang! Her set up was magical and awesome, lights were enchanting, and the actress just wanted to throw a wonderful party not just for herself but also for her friends and it has been quite a while na din since she had a party.

Bea Alonzo IG

A night to remember.๐Ÿ
Celebrated my birthday last Sunday with everyone dear to me. I had a wonderful setup, just the way I wanted it, like a secret garden. Thank you @gideonhermosa for making that night seem whimsical.
I never planned on throwing a big party but I realized, marami pala akong kaibigan and it has been a while since I threw a party like this, so I thought, this would be the perfect time to do it since everything in my life seems to be changing. ๐Ÿฆ‹
Thank you for organizing that wonderful night Sheilla Masangkay @shaivin_19 of @thetieevents ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
And a special shout out to everyone who made that night unforgettable!๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป Venue | The Axon @greensunofficial 
Catering | @juancarloalex @juancarlocaterer 
Video | @treehousestory 
Photo | @charissetinionp @niceprintphoto 
Light, sounds,staging and trusses | @thereal_jonealmina @jsminasoundsystem 
Cake | @yumyaco and @honeyglazecakes 
Band | @ninacomsti @soundsaladband 
Band | The KEON Band 
Carpet | @miles_royales of @glamlaneevents 
Led Visuals & Invitations | @bcsacaguingofficial @justbeesdigitalvisuals 
Mobile Bar : @derickdeborja Wildcocktails 
Wine | @tienda_de_antovino 
Grazing Table | @grazing_manila 
Photobooth | @boothphmirror 
Souvenirs | @arteegram_manila 
Dessert Station | @onesweetdayph 
Churros Bar | @mrchurrosph 
Ice Cream Bar | @r_freezy 
Perfume Bar | @ncperfumebar 
Hosted by | @tonibilaro 
Mastermind | @mimsqiu .
LOVE YOU!! #seeingBEAnd

Source: Bea Alonzo's Instagram | @beaalonzo

Jake Ejercito was present on her special day, known to be the father of Ellie, Andi Eigenmann's eldest daughter.

Jake Ejercito

Both were having fun during the evening party and the next day, Jake's Instagram story was on fire when he posted a video of him and Bea which seems a staring challenge, with caption "At my worst"

Bea can be heard saying, "Five seconds, game! Walang malisya!" which looks defensive while explaining it to their audiences while teasing Jake.

Screenshot @Fashion Pulis

That five seconds might be the longest time of Jake Ejercito's life though we don't know what's running on his mind that night. Ejercito failed to comply the five seconds since he lost to Bea who was giggling when Jake was not successful with the challenge.

Ejercito also shared the some photos on his Instagram story while Bea was performing and a picture together with some other friends.

Jake and Bea are not in a relationship, bagay naman sila.


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