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Ang Tunay na Pinagmulan at Kuwento sa Kalahating Tao at Kalahating Ahas sa Robinson

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Kamakailan ng maging talagang usap-usapan ang tila lalaking ahas daw sa Robinsons Mall, ang mga experts daw ay sinabing wala lang ito at hindi ito totoo.

May nakapag kuwento kasing babae na kung saan daw ay may kalahating tao at kalating ahas ang lalaki na nakita niya sa isang fitting room sa Robinson.

Photo: Socmed   

Base nga raw sa L.Po of, the urban legend can be considered as iconic, pero ito ay mananatiling usap-usapan lang hanggang hindi napatunayan.

Photo: Socmed   

Sabi ng lalake:

The whole myth was rooted by the culture and natural fear of Filipinos to snakes.

” Because of the snake’s power and ferocity, ancient Filipinos worshiped the python and believed that the spirits of their ancestors or umalagad would sometimes reincarnate as a snake, sharing the womb with a human they were supposed to protect and provide supernatural power and good fortune. These were called “kakambal na ahas” or snake twin, a belief still held by people in the provinces today, and the urban legend’s explanation for the Gokongwei family’s wealth and success.

Later on, it became a front act to explain the sudden rise of k!dnapping and heinous cr!me in Manila.

Photo: Socmed   

“Cr!me has become one of President Ramos’s most urgent problems. As the Philippines begins to pull its economy together and normalize some of the workings of its Government, continuing street cr!me, violent bank robber!es, carjack!ngs and k!dnappings have added an atmosphere of lawlessness.

‘There is a sense that anyone can get away with anything,’ a local journalist said.’” - New York Times Journalist Seth Mydans on the rise of k!dnappings in Manila

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